Endeavour, Season 5

Endeavour, Season 5


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-06-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 10
From 61 Ratings


Endeavour’s promotion leads him to reluctantly mentor new recruit Fancy, while Thursday is thinking about life after the police. But in Oxford, crime never sleeps. Will things at Cowley Police Station ever be the same again? UK Edition.


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  • Fewer Episodes Season 5: BBC v. iTunes

    By peznut
    A longtime fan of "Morse," I've loved "Endeavour" as well and have purchased every season from iTunes. Typically, those seasons comprise four episodes but season 5 appears to break that pattern? According to PBS and even Wikipedia, season 5 offers SIX episodes. Despite purchasing season 5 on iTunes, it only includes 4 episodes and some "bonus stuff." Missing, however, are episode 5 "Quartet" -- which aired in the UK on March 4, 2018 -- and episode 6 "Icarus" -- which aired the next week on March 11. PBS is actually streaming episode 5 for free as I write this, but for a limited time. But there's nothing to indicate that iTunes will include these two full-length episodes in the season pass I've purchased, which is disappointing!
  • Oppnpo

    By hhiogiovbbb
  • Messed up subtitles

    By LeoZXC
    I love the show, but it is unwatchable with messed ub subtitles - what happened to quality control?
  • Endeavor

    By Doctor Lab
    As much as I absolutely love this Series, iTUNES: you need to align the subtitles to real time. Everything is off at least 3-5 full seconds and several scenes go by before that scenes subtitles come on the screen. Otherwise a great show. Just hard to understand the dialects from England sometimes.
  • Elegant, well written and well acted mystery series

    By captainkirk1979
    Endeavour is an elegant, seriously enjoyable slow burn mystery. Very well written, great acting, long and realistic character arcs, gorgeous cinematography. And that theme music. I do not say this lightly, but Endeavour does everything I wanted Sherlock to do. Obviously, they are two very different things, and deserve to be appreciated in their own way. Just saying, personally I really love the creative choices being made. Hoping for many mroe seasons!
  • سصةذى دذصقل

    By حرحمكثً
    همكخ لك