When Calls the Heart, Season 5

When Calls the Heart, Season 5

When Calls the Heart

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-12-09
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 12
From 28 Ratings


As mayor of Hope Valley, Abigail is faced with a new crisis when financial troubles for the town loom that also impact Lee’s operations at the mill. Elizabeth gets an unexpected visit from her sister Julie, who reveals the surprising career path she’s decided to take. Ever the dedicated wife to Lee, Rosemary keeps busy at Dottie’s dress shop as she works to make Hope Valley more fashionable. As Elizabeth awaits news of Jack, who has returned to the Northern Territories, she focuses on teaching her students and dreams of the day when Jack comes safely home and they can plan their wedding. Sheriff Bill Avery keeps Hope Valley safe, as well as maintaining a close eye on Gowen, who continues to adjust to his new life as a laborer at Lee’s mill. Gowen keeps tabs on the town’s business and offers unsolicited advice to Abigail, who’s not sure if his intentions are honorable. Doctor Carson Shephard’s skills are put to the test when an unknown sickness sweeps through town, he opens his heart to love again, and takes a risk that could save or take a life of someone he cares for.


Title Time Speed
1 The Christmas Wishing Tree 1:24:20 32,845 KB/Sec Download
2 Believing 43:00 29,419 KB/Sec Download
3 Hearts and Minds 42:00 40,621 KB/Sec Download
4 Home Is Where the Heart Is 42:45 50,984 KB/Sec Download
5 Open Hearts 43:00 34,562 KB/Sec Download
6 My Heart Is Yours 42:00 32,701 KB/Sec Download
7 Love and Marriage 42:00 38,559 KB/Sec Download
8 Heart of the Matter 42:00 38,935 KB/Sec Download
9 Weather the Storm 43:00 45,428 KB/Sec Download
10 In My Dreams 42:37 22,757 KB/Sec Download
11 Close to My Heart 44:30 22,149 KB/Sec Download
12 When Calls the Heart Season 5 Bonus Feat 00:22 21,902 KB/Sec Download



  • Great show

    By girle13
    Put this season on Netflix
  • Great Show, Awesome Season!!

    By Doodlebug2195
    This is a great show. Can’t wait to see the next season!!

    By Baymax04
    This is the best show ever and this is I think the best season!
  • Amazing

    By tinaec
    This season was amazing. I loved it!
  • Sad, brillant, and celebrates life

    By hopeAbounds
    High quality portrayal of the grieving process. Definitely Hallmark Hall of Fame worthy.
  • My Final Season.

    By 42wws
    While I understand why the producers thought they had to end the season the way they did, I was extremely disappointed and will no longer be watching the show. It was sloppy, poorly executed, and literally the worst ending I have ever seen. I’m disappointed, what they should have done was end the show, instead they’re going to sloppily continue on. Sucky way to destroy such a great show.
  • When calls the heart

    By Logic_is_bomb.11
    I loved the movie all the way up to the last one. Jack should have never died Totally ruined the whole thing. He hadn’t even gotten Bach from their honeymoon trip Oh this is just point blank not right. Jack was way to much of the main player to die You had the best show I had ever watched until the end and you screwed it up I wish I had never even started this movie and my advice to anyone who has not watched it. DONT!! You will be so disappointed with the end My heart is just torn Save yourself a heartbreak and don’t watch it !
  • When Calls The Heart Obsessed

    By Mac and cam
    I so hope Jack didn’t really die! I can’t wait to see what happens! PLEASE DONT LET JACK DIE!!!! I have waited five seasons for them to get married not for them to get married and DIE! Please let the Mounties get Jack confused with another Mountie! This will not have a good turnout if u people let him die! There will be mad hearties if so so good luck!
  • WCTH

    By JohnOoft17
    Favorite Show
  • Surprised me

    By Film Critique
    I have been surprised at how much better the series continues to get. Hope Hallmark continues to make the series.