Queen of the South, Season 1

Queen of the South, Season 1

Queen of the South

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-06-21
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 14
From 121 Ratings


A dramatic adaptation of Arturo Pérez-Reverte's bestselling novel La Reina Del Sur (aka “Queen of the South”). The drama tells the story of Teresa Mendoza, who after her drug-dealing boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico, is forced to go on the run and seek refuge in America. There, she teams with an unlikely figure from her past to bring down the leader of the same drug trafficking ring that has her on the run. In the process, she learns the tools of the trade and strategically positions herself to become the leader of the cartel.


Title Time Speed
1 Piloto 45:22 48,639 KB/Sec Download
2 Cuarenta Minutos 40:18 21,633 KB/Sec Download
3 Estrategia De Entrada 41:16 20,700 KB/Sec Download
4 Lirio De Los Valles 41:06 39,430 KB/Sec Download
5 Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros 41:16 20,988 KB/Sec Download
6 El Engano Como la Regla 40:43 36,971 KB/Sec Download
7 El Hombre Pajaro 40:58 44,622 KB/Sec Download
8 Billete De Magia 40:38 47,136 KB/Sec Download
9 Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar 42:16 29,206 KB/Sec Download
10 Esta 'cosa' Que Es Nuestra 42:16 49,380 KB/Sec Download
11 Punto Sin Retorno 41:09 26,523 KB/Sec Download
12 Quinientos Mil 40:20 31,410 KB/Sec Download
13 Cicatriz 40:21 27,782 KB/Sec Download
14 Sneak Peek 02:02 45,890 KB/Sec Download



  • One of the best shows

    By PlacesPlease
    Excellent.....I was hooked within the first 15 minutes....this show is like a roller coaster...wonderful ensemble cast .... A must watch.
  • Queen of south.

    By 🌟power
    Great show. Highly recommend
  • Oh This just became Television Royalty

    By 16 HORSES
    Alice Braga is a true tour de force in this USA network gem of a series. It is good for what it's worth in the action thriller world. Take the throne and see it.
  • Captured

    By thedrewadamson
    This is an intriguing show.
  • Way to good, must watch!

    By Erednimais
    After searching for something to watch last night found this show on Netflix. I became addicted from episode 1 and continued watching ending with episode 10 in the wee hours as soon as I woke up it was the first thing I watched till the season ended. Another words hoping for a season 2 and soon. I thought I had enough of shows dealing with grub running and the cartels now can't get enough...great show want to read the book!
  • Can't wait for Season 2.....

    By Anthonnio Muniz
    I'm really enjoying this show. My 2 favorite characters are between James & Pote. Meanwhile my biggest crushes are between Brenda, Camila & Teresa. Season 2 looks like it's gonna be epic. Can't wait: June 8th.....Season 2 premiere. #AllHailTheQueenpin #TeresaMendoza #AliceBraga #QueenOfTheSouth #QOTS
  • Loved it

    By Tmexican
    Best show ever!
  • Great Show - Makes You Think - Looking Forward To 2nd Season

    By 777KMMBGA
    Demonstrates that with intelligence and great gut instincts one can achieve goals even if there in the criminal world. When there's literally only so many CEO type jobs in the environment that these intelligent women grow up in and can you really hold it against them to try and make their life's better. As one line says (I've been poor and rich, rich is better) if you can success in this world plus deal with the fact that death and killing is a part of drug trafficking also that they understand that if caught there's prison or even being killed by Federal Police or assassination by other Cartels or because of the war of drugs. If these women understand this and do a great job they can succeed in the Cartels no different than a intelligent woman in a Fortune 500 Company. This show does a good job bringing that to life and how the war in drugs is never ever going to win, it's more of a battle that one wins and the next time the other side wins a battle.
  • better than game of thrones !!!

    By jallirs
    This show has everything!!!
  • Too Much Filler

    By carl334
    I do like the show and the characters, but it seems that the first season really could have been two to three episodes shorter, i.e. there was lots of moments throughout the first season that could have been edited out.