Wrecked, Season 1

Wrecked, Season 1


  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2016-06-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 17
From 52 Ratings


After a plane full of a dysfunctional group of passengers crashes on a remote island, the group must navigate a new, awkward society and learn to live without the modern comforts of social media, Wi-Fi, indoor plumbing and fast-food restaurants.


Title Time Speed
1 All is Not Lost 21:05 41,977 KB/Sec Download
2 Inside the Episode: All is Not Lost 01:40 29,887 KB/Sec Download
3 Rest in Peace, Callaway Hinkle 21:20 48,234 KB/Sec Download
4 Inside the Episode: Rest in Peace, Calla 01:39 23,121 KB/Sec Download
5 Always Meant to See That 21:05 23,829 KB/Sec Download
6 Inside the Episode: Always Meant to See 01:38 29,576 KB/Sec Download
7 The Community Pile 21:05 34,120 KB/Sec Download
8 Inside the Episode: The Community Pile 01:29 33,527 KB/Sec Download
9 Tubthumping 21:02 24,247 KB/Sec Download
10 Inside the Episode: Tubthumping 01:47 43,177 KB/Sec Download
11 The Phantom 21:05 43,161 KB/Sec Download
12 Inside the Episode: The Phantom 01:46 30,574 KB/Sec Download
13 The Trial 21:04 23,758 KB/Sec Download
14 The Adventures of Beth and Lamar 22:05 44,581 KB/Sec Download
15 Javier and the Gang 21:04 37,911 KB/Sec Download
16 Cop Tricks 21:05 49,336 KB/Sec Download
17 Sneak Peek 03:35 47,324 KB/Sec Download



  • Love it

    By Kyles ipad12345678901
    This show cracks me up so hard
  • Great show

    By Cristiansb8
    Great show very funny
  • Great comedic version of Lost

    By skaterryan
    I'm not going to lie, when I originally saw the pilot episode for this when it aired, I hated the show. I thought all the jokes felt forced and that the show just wasn't good at all. This was because I'm a huge fan of "Lost". I saw that the season 1 marathon was on TBS and decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did because I highly enjoy it now. I don't see how I wasn't into the show, but I can also see how I wasn't due to it being a comedy knockoff of Lost. Definitely give this show a chance.
  • Worst tv show ever

    By Fortunechangers
    I have watched thousands of tv shows from itunes and never felt compelled to write a review until this show. It is the stupidest show I have ever seen. Every charater is the same and has absolutly no common sense. I feel sorry for the people who wrote this show. They find humor in death and think that being a degenerate is a thing to be glorified. There is no way to contrast anyone on the plane because they are all equally stupid. I watched two episodes to try to give it a chance to set up characters and story line but never seen somthing so dumb in my life.
  • Great show

    By Mindysimo
    It's a laughing nonstop nonstop comedy. Can't wait for season 2.
  • Funny

    By Nero36D
    Parts are hilarious and parts are "say what" can't follow it. Heart is in right place and worth the watch. Actors are all great in their parts! Would like to see more of some characters but overall very funny stuff.
  • Super funny

    By kingofcities
    Love this show. One of the funniest shows on TV and an absolute must for LOST fans. Always Meant To See That is easily the LOL funniest episode of TV I've seen this year. Can't recommend Wrecked enough.