12 Strong

12 Strong

By Nicolai Fuglsig

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-01-19
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 9min
  • Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
  • Production Company: Torridon Films
  • Production Country: United States of America
From 399 Ratings


“12 Strong” is set in the harrowing days following 9/11 when a U.S. Special Forces team, led by their new Captain, Mitch Nelson (Hemsworth), are chosen to be the first U.S. troops sent into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. There, in the rugged mountains, they must convince Northern Alliance General Dostum (Navid Negahban) to join forces with them to fight their common adversary: the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies. In addition to overcoming mutual distrust and a vast cultural divide, the Americans——accustomed to state-of-the-art warfare——must adopt the rudimentary tactics of the Afghan horse soldiers. But despite their uneasy bond, the new allies face overwhelming odds: outnumbered and outgunned by a ruthless enemy that does not take prisoners.


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  • Good, but not a re-watcher

    By Phenomenal Movie
    The idea and premise behind the movie is great, but the portrayal of it grinds on slowly. I believe the selection of actors in this film were good right up to Chris Hemsworth and Rob Riggle. Two characters who I believe hurt the movie. Hemsworth just can't get away from Thor and Riggle will always be know as a comedic actor or the “extra”. The one character that I personally loved in this film was Michael Shannon. He brings grit and like General Abdul describes in the film the “Look of a Killer”. All in all the film finishes strong, but lacks the thematic elements to make it great. If you are a History buff or an war movie addict you will appreciate the film, but if your a Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan “war type gore” seeker this film will leave you with a sense of “not that impressed”. All in all this is a great story done well but not great. Worth watching but not a second time.
  • 12 strong

    By goingstrong18
    Needs to be more realistic! You take cover in a firefight. You don’t ride horses into fifty Cals and tanks, I was lol in the battle scenes
  • 12 Strong

    By Rollz28
    Outstanding movie. If your a war movie fan I’d make this part of your collection.
  • Cring worthy

    By ManWayUpNorth
    I didn't hate this movie, but pretty close. I laughed out loud during the first few close ups of the actors firing thier M4's from horse back. That was just comical looking. Hemsworth is not the guy to lead military films. He just doesn't have the right presence on screen. Nor does Michael Shannon. I like them both as actors, but this is not thier arena and it shows through. The true story is worth telling, and maybe some day it will be told in a film that doesn't bother with nonsense, and will focus on realism.
  • A Must

    By 10/10 watch
    recommend 100%
  • Great Film

    By emmydean
    I loved learning more about this first group that went in after 9/11. Geoff Stultz was great - I’ve been a longtime fan and enjoyed seeing him in this type of role.
  • Strength in numbers

    By 16 HORSES
    12 Strong was kind of like a watered down version of the 9/11 war on terrorism! And Chris Hemsworth at the helm makes it feel like Thor is fighting against terrorists! But As it stands movies like this were solid with the foundation of the Fight for freedom! God bless the movie!
  • Well Done!

    By The Iron Marshal
    This is an enjoyable movie. It has the right mixture of drama, humor, and authenticity. This is not a cliche-ridden movie. I think the reviewers who said that either don't understand the nature of the heroic charge, or the examples of history where "charging the guns" was what you had to do, sometimes.
  • Not bad, but does no justice to the real story

    By geowalsh
    Not a bad movie on its own, but the fact it is a true story makes the movie very underwhelming. Zero character development and little emotion, beyond knowing the actual facts of the story. Half baked and caught in between being an action war flick, and the story about the 12 men and their Afghan allies. It does neither all that well.
  • 12 Strong weak on effects and acting.

    By Stratus12
    They took a great story and ruined it. Acting was lame and special effects were embarrassing.